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Island Located In The Aegean Area For Sale

480.000 m²

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Island Located In The Aegean Area For Sale

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480.000 m²


About the Island

Our island is located in the aegean area, which is known for it's breathtaking beauty nature. 100.000 m² from the toal acreage of 580.000 m² belong to the state. The rest of the 480.000 m² are registered deed area. 4 sweet water wells are available within the island. The distance between the island and the shore is 300 meters. There is a highway on the opposite shore. The owner provides a state approved permit document stating that it is allowed to build a military based touristic facility.

About the Aegean Region

The aegean region is named after it's neighbor, the aegean sea. It covers 11% of turkey with it's total acreage of 85.000 km². The neighborhood consists of the marmara region on it's northside, central anatolia on it's eastside, the mediterranean region on the southeastside and the aegean sea is located on the southside. The border of the marmara region starts at baba burnu and reaches until goose mountain (kaz dagi). On the southwestside of Inonu starts the border to central anatolia and ends at the northside tip of the sultan mountains. From there on starts the neighborhood of the aeagean and mediteranean region and reaches until the westside of the koycegiz lake.

Seen from a touristic point of view, the aeagean areas structure is rich of nature and culture. The length of the aeagean seacoast is 593 km. Alongside the natural beaches that are convenient for swimming, the region also attracts attention with it's charming view of the high located shores. Furthermore areas like Akbuk, Gokceler buku, Degirmen buku, Palamut buku and Kargibuk function as natural harbors for yachts and is usefull for the yacht tourism which gained a big amount of popularity in the past years.

The aeagean area is also known for it's archeology and historical wealth. Important historical places like Ephesus and Pergamon in izmir, Hierapolis in denizli, Priene, Miletus, Didyma and Aphrodisias in aydin, Knidos in datca, Halicarnassus in bodrum and the Sardis in manisa are located in the aegean region. Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Temple of Artemis and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus) are also within the aeagean region. Other historical places like the House of the Virgin Mary and the Sen Jan Church in Selcuk, Temple of Apollo in Didim are also desired touristic areas. 



  • m²: 480.000
  • Swap: No


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  • Beach
  • Direct Beach Shore
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