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Didim Akbuk Panorama Seaview Land For Sale

3000 m²

3.000.000 TL

For sale Land for Sale

Didim Akbuk Panorama Seaview Land For Sale

Didyma / Akbuk Print
3000 m²


About the land

Our land is located in didim akbuk. The breathtaking panorama seaview takes everyone under it's spell. The acreage is 3.000 m². It is only a short walk away from the beach, shopping points and the local market.

About Akbuk

The distance between Didim and Akbuk is 23 km. The area is full of nature within it's 15 km coastal road. The Mandalyan is located in the Akbuk cove. Akbuk owns the purity of nature with it's silence, glass clear shore and green woods. 

The oxygen filled air is like a natural treatment for asthma patients.

As the second most popular area, Akbuk has a more relaxing atmosphere and is surrounded by shores intertwined with nature.

The area hosts seaside shores like Saplı Island, Fake Heaven, Kazikli Bucht, Bozbuk, Incekum Beach each of which are wonders of nature.

About Bafa Lake

The Bafa Lake, which is also known as Camici is a shallow lake whose deepesst spot is 21 meters. The measurement is 65 km² and the circumference is 50 km. The length is 16 km, width 6 km and the height above sea is 10 meters. The antique city Herakleia is located in the south west area of Akbuk. Within the antique city are the Athena Temple, Agora, Council Building, Turkish Sauna, Theatre, Nymphaion and the Endymion Temple. There are also historical caves on the lake shore. Plenty of big and small islands are also avialble. The biggest 4 islands are Menet, Kahvehisar, Kargaasari and Kapikiri.

Please, visit Wikipedia for more information about Akbuk And Bafa Lake.



  • Price: 3.000.000
  • m²: 3000


  • West
  • East
  • South
  • North


  • Public Transportation
  • Main Road
  • Beach
  • Shopping Mall
  • District Market
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