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Aydin Kusadasi Land With Panorama Seaview For Sale

25.000 m²

30.000.000 TL

For sale Land for Sale

Aydin Kusadasi Land With Panorama Seaview For Sale

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25.000 m²


About the land

Our land is located in Aydin Kusadasi and has an acreage of 25.000 m². It has a tourism building permit and owns a breathtaking panorama seaview. Please, contact our advisors for detailed information.

About Kusadasi

Kusadasi developed in the 1960s to the first toruism area in turkey. It's located in the aegean coast and belongs to the province Aydin. There are multiple opinions about the founding of Kusadasi. The research about it's history is still ongoing.

The city was located in the area called Andizkulesi. It was moved from Andizkulesi to it's current area and was renamed to Scala Nuova (New Pier) due to transportation difficulties. 

The island Güvercinada, located in Kusadasi, contains the historical tower. During the byzantium period, was used as a outpost to protect the coast. The historical tower was build during the renovations in 1934. The name "Kusadasi" comes from this tower.

Kusadasi belonged to Italy during the indepence war and after their retreat it got occupied by greece. It survived the enemy invasion on September 7th 1922. Kusadasi belonged to Izmir the proclamation of the republic and 1954 it was connected to Aydin. The torusim oriented structuring in Kusadasi began in the 1970s.

Please, visit wikipedia for further informaion about Kusadasi.



  • Price: 30.000.000
  • m²: 25.000
  • Swap: No
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